Thursday, July 02, 2009

Conflicting emotions

I will spend my squiddies on flights at a blink of a squinty eye. Yet it took me about 3 weeks of self-cajoling and two passes of the shop, to make this purchase:

It's a Vivienne Westwood skull ring :) Also quite possibly, my first designer purchase. I know... Me, designer jewellery and skulls? The end is nigh :P

On one hand - I feel like a crack whore mother who's run off with my babies' milk money and sold off their nappies on eBay, in order to afford this ring. Talk about extravagant spending during tough times.

On my right hand ;) - Maaan, this ring is cool *grin* Now I have an heirloom for my crack babies to fight over!

1 comment:

Beckster said...

Dude, I totally endorse your purchase. The ring rocks! Your crack babies will be proud of their hot mama.