Monday, July 20, 2009

iPhone DIY

If you're anything like me, you probably don't deserve nice, expensive playthings because it'd slip through your butterfingers and break/crack/die pretty soon after you buy it.

My iPhone has survived 20 months living with me and it's barely in one piece. Poor thing. Today I decided to replace the antenna cover. Here's a DIY site on how to take your iPhone apart. Here's where you can get cheapie iPhone spare parts.
Gawd I love the internets :)

S asked me recently if I wanted to swap my 1st-gen iPhone with her 3G iPhone since she only used her's for weather updates. I looked at her as if she was crazy and an impolite, "NO WAY!" slipped out of my mouth. I also constantly get friends asking me why I don't get a cover for my iPhone to protect it.

I loves my iPhone. I love how it looks. I love its dents, its scratches, its mini patch of lines on the left side of the screen. I love how I hacked it with a chip back in the early days! It's got personality and history. I've taken it everywhere with me over the past 20 months. It doesn't need some pansy-fancy-schmancy ugly cover for protection (sorry if you've got one *grin*). Like me, it just needs a new dress to spruce it up once in awhile ;)

I'm not giving up on it yet.


Dalibor said...

1st gen??? you are living in history ... should i bring you an 3gs (they are selling it now unlocked in apple shop)?

reenie said...

Daliborus, pay attention! It's like girlfriends... You don't trade in your well-loved, slightly wrinkly gf for her younger, b00bie-enhanced sister! ;)

Dalibor said...

it's a phone, not a girlfriend!

that aside, 3gs is sooooo much faster than the old one ... i love it ... also network is faster, so you can get to sites with pictures of young enhanced b00bies much faster than on the old one ...