Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What's he saying?

Unfortunately, I totally sux0rz at understanding Scottish accents :P
(... and I use to work for a Scottish company!)

Which meant, I missed about half of what Irvine Welsh (author of "Trainspotting"), was reading to me from his new book. I heard him say "f*ck" and "c*nt" a lot. Yup, those words sound the same in any accent :P

To be honest, I remember being frustrated with how "Trainspotting" was written. I liked the movie much better.


Sarah said...

I love Irvine Welsh's stories - I find now that the best way to read them is to read the first two chapters and then start again from the beginning, to familiarise myself with the language. I actually find myself thinking with a scottish accent for a couple of weeks after i've read his stories. It's odd.
Have you read Marabou Stalk Nightmares? Crazy hard to understand!

reenie said...

Mm, I gave up after "Trainspotting"! I just didn't have the patience (read: very short attention span) :)

Haven't read Marabou Stalk Nightmares, but there was a lot of talk about Porno. I'd tell you what Irvine's fave book from his lot is, but I seriously couldn't understand what he said! *lol* His new book, "Reheated Cabbage", is a collection of short stories.