Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trying hard

... to be a hat person:

(focus on teh VW ring instead ;) )

This isn't me :)

It's a bit dark in here (B would hearts this place):

I plonk myself down at a table of random guys.
Me: "SO. I want you guys to answer a question for me..."
<<insert macho chit chat here>>
Guy 1: "What do you want to know?"
Me: "If you went home with a girl tonight. And she took all her clothes off, and she was totally hot... And she asked you for 50 quid - What would you do?"
Guy 2: "I'd pay it if she was hot!!"
Guy 1: "There's no way I'd pay it. I would never pay for sex0r."
Me: "LIAR, you'd *so* pay for it." *grin*
Guy 3: "If she went home with me, she's got to like me right? I'd pay her 8 quid!"
Me: "WHAAAT?!? She went home with you because she knows you've got 50 quid in your wallet! Cheapskate!"

Aaah, if only they knew I have a blog :P

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