Thursday, July 16, 2009

Which Saturday?

If told that something is happening, "Next Saturday", I'd assume it was the first Saturday I'd experience. I've been chastised! Next Saturday apparently means the Saturday after the coming Saturday :P

If you ask me (and you-know-who-you-are-who-asked-me), I'm taking the literal definition of "Next". Ie: Coming immediately after.

This coming Saturday == Next Saturday;

So be careful when making dates with me :P
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reenie said...

Argumentative: but this saturday is the current week
me: yes. but there's no other saturdays between now and tomorrow. so it's the next saturday you're going to experience.
Argumentative: exactly
but it's not 'next saturday'
me: it is! it is!
Argumentative: it's 'the next saturday'
next saturday is next week
this saturday is this week
i didn't say anything about week!
i just said next saturday
the immediate saturday
which is this saturday

SparklesMagoo said...

Why would you need to say 'next Saturday' when you mean the current Saturday? Just say 'Saturday''s then self-evident.

Therefore....the need to say 'next Saturday' for the following Saturday makes perfect sense. You're saying 'the next Saturday' since if you meant the immediate Saturday, you'd just say 'Saturday'.

And thus Sparkles Magoo made it so.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sparkles.
If you mean this coming saturday.. just say 'this saturday'. Next is defined as the one after.. so next saturday woudld be the one after!

d0rkus! ;p


Kev said...

Looks like you're getting killed in the polls Reenie

Beckster said...

Sorry Reens, I adore you but next Saturday to me means the one after the immediate coming Saturday too. Saturday week means three Saturdays from now (including 'this' Saturday). No?

Reminds me of 'deceptively shallow'. So is it shallow or not?!

reenie said...

You guys have way too much time on your hands to be arguing with me *grin* Least you could do is get me drunk first ;P