Thursday, July 02, 2009


...Is that really you?

Unfortunately, he still has that bad haircut that makes him look like a girl. Hard to believe that Paul Oakenfold was once voted the #1 DJ in DJMag. The same spot Armin currently holds, the same spot PvD and Tiesto held... And I'll admit it, I was a fan of Oakey back in the days when Global Underground first kicked off. Back in the days when I was the only one in my circle of friends listening to prog house. I'm just quite surprised that he's still alive and playing...
... in Brixton...
... as the supporting act for Lenny Kravitz?!?

The other weird part is how unfriendly the crowd at Brixton Academy were. As I shuffled my way into the crowd, I got evil stares and harsh comments about pushing to the front. In all the times I've made my way to the front of a gig, I'd never come across hostility before. Come on, it's not like at my height of 5 feet nothing I was going to block anyone's view. These people seriously needed to lighten up. Drink more. Or something.

Irate Girl: "Do you mind? I've been here for an hour, and you've been here for 15 mins". She'd left her spot and come back 5 mins later. My theory is, once you're gone, it's anybody's game.
Me: "Sure, move and I'll step back."
Irate Girl's bf glares at me.

Hey, it's not my fault people aren't smart enough to figure out how gig-crowds work. Nobody should be forced to stand around listening to Oakey play for an hour just to end up near the front ;)

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