Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Like my coffee?

It was tamped and pulled by the 2009 World Barista Champion ;)

Believe it or not, the champion is a Welshman an Englishman living in Rondon. Who would've thought that the nation with the worst coffee brewers in the world would also have the best? Gwilym owns a couple of unnamed coffee carts in a couple of Rondon markets. Which makes him dang hard to locate :P The only tell-tale sign I had was the Square Mile coffee logo on the coffee grinder. On my first attempt at Whitecross Market, I found the cart but the man wasn't there. I had an average coffee made by an average coffee-pleb :P

My next attempt was at Columbia Flower Market. If you're looking for Gwilym, walk to the end of Columbia road, turn left down a little alley, lookout for "Breakfast & Coffee" signs, and a bluey-green door marked 7b. I think it's Ezra Street. Inside, there's a courtyard with Gwilym's carts. Why on earth don't any of the reviews I've read mention his location?!? :P

Look out for this cool stencil opposite the bluey-green door:

So, how was my coffee that was tamped by a World Champion? Meh. Average *grin* Come on, how extraordinary can you make a normal latte taste? I still thought Flat White did a better latte, but Gwilym won the championship with an exotic espresso tasting of, "hot buttered toast smothered in blackberry jam, along with black currant and some toffee at the end". Not a plain old latte.

Diskies' "Sunny" :)

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