Friday, March 06, 2009

Dictionary definitions

It's been awhile since I've talked about bush.

Fair warning: I'm going to be talking about mine. So if you know me, and you don't want to picture my nether regions, don't read on *grin*

Compelling, isn't it? ;)

I'm going to Reykjavik this weekend (for 239 squiddies, it's a bargain!). The land of hot springs and spa. I did the swimsuit test. Yup, it's time to visit the pruner :P

So, first word for today: Neglect

Neglect is when you turn up to the beautician, and she (never met a he bikini waxer) looks and says, "OOOH, it's been awhile".

Yar. Can you blaim me? This city has no sun. There is no need for maintenance :P

Second word for today: Inappropriateness

Inappropriateness is laughing out soo loud, the whole salon hears you, when the beautician says to me, "I need you to turn over and do this" *insert goatse action*

Me: "Come on, I don't need to!"
Beautician: "
It's part of the package. Turn over!"
Beautician: *after careful examination* "You're lucky, European girls, VERY HAIRY."

Thank gawd for oriental genes :P

To be honest, I thought hard about posting this post. I wouldn't have posted this post if, on the way home, I didn't see this on the bus:

It's a sign.

PS: Yolanta, she's the best in Rondon :)

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