Friday, June 23, 2006

Catching on

So it's now past my 2 month mark in Rondon. What have I learnt? What pieces of knowledge can I wisely pass on to you? Sadly, not much :)

"Are you awroight?
The first thing Brits ask me everytime I meet them is, "Are you alright?" And I can't help but think, "OMG, why? What's wrong? Is everything okay? Do I look sick?" To me, it's the most confusing question to ask someone when you first see them. It's the English equivalent of "Hey, how you doing mate?", only the way they say it sounds like actual concern :)

Chav (male) and Chavette (female)
From what I can tell, it's anyone who wears Burberry, bling and tracksuit sets. If you're a Chavette, it's compulsory to show massive gut poorly hidden by tight tank top. Think, Britney during her fat phase *grin* You can find more info on how to dress like a Chav, or how to spot one, from here: ChavScum
Vicky Pollard's hair btw, is a Chavette fave style known as the Croydon Facelift :)

Bunny boiler!!!
Definition from wikipedia:
"A Bunny Boiler is a pejorative term for an obsessive and dangerous female, sometimes stalking a lover who has spurned her."
This is brilliant!!! I'd never heard of the term before until Babsy worked it into conversation one day :) Where does it come from? Fatal Attraction - when Glenn Close boils Michael Douglas' daughter's pet rabbit *lol*

And that, sadly, is it. Well, for now anyway :)

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