Monday, June 05, 2006

Mushroom mushroom!

So what is this, and why am I posting about it? This tasty but ugly morsel is a morel mushroom! Ranking #3 on the Reenie Mushroom scale (after the truffle and the porcini), I've never seen it sold fresh before, and have only eaten it in restaurants. How much will these mushrooms set you back? Well, at the Gourmet Mushroom Co, it's only a mere 30 quid (approx AUD$75) per kilo!! Being the greedy foodie that I am, I begged my Aunt Laura to splurge and get us some for dinner *grin* This little sucker cost 30p. Not bad (and not very big either)... And well worth it for my Aunt Laura's delish rendition of Raymond Blanc's chicken with morel and sherry sauce. Yum!!!

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