Wednesday, June 14, 2006


First things first, my Aunt Laura took me here on the weekend:

*Lol* She doesn't understand why I had to take a picture. It was seriously the first thing I saw when we got into town. Secondly, my first taste of clotted cream!
Yes yes, I know it's another post about food. But how many of you have even heard of clotted cream before? :P Here's a house circa 18th century:
And this is my completely nutty Aunt Laura. I love her to bits!


mushiejc said...

clotted cream! yummo! there's just nothing like that back home! That orange house looks like its gonna tumble over!

Jamie said...

I love cream tea! Can you make the cream at home?

reenie said...

i'm not sure how to make the cream... it's sooo rich! and light! and (most importantly) YUMMY! i'm willing to make a trip to devonshire to have the _real_thing_.