Sunday, June 11, 2006

I now have a fave pub!

I can't believe I've been staying in Notting Hill for a month, and I've only just noticed the Windsor Castle pub literally just around the corner from me. It's got a great beer garden. It even has a football free policy during the World Cup! Thanks Kate and Saz for taking me there!
And you know what's really evil? PIMM'S!
Because it tastes nothing like alcohol, I ended up chugging a whole lot of it down ("Kate, why are you drinking so slowly?"). After a massive jug of the stuff between the three of us, we were stumbling to get back to Kate's. And somehow Kate ended up with a strawberry plant ("But Kate, you can get a punnet of strawberries for 2 quid!"). What's worse is that I got cravings for shredded duck noodle soup with pickled vegetables for dinner. In my tipsiness, it took me *forever* to find the dang shop that sold it in Chinatown. Evil stuff, this Pimm's.


Anonymous said...

The Windsor was the pub that we were going to go to for bangers and mash that time, but someone said it wasn't very good so we went elsewhere... remember?


reenie said...

Oops :/ I blame my trusting nature. I was relying on info I had read from those London pub review sites!