Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Entertaining myself...

I thought I'd try something different tonight and headed out to a poetry reading at the Oxfam store down in Portobello. When I got there however, there was nobody else there!! The poor poet looked all dressed up, but had no audience. I think if I ever did a poetry reading, I'm going to bribe some of my friends to show up. So I hopped along to the art gallery called Apart down the road instead. I'm not sure if it was invite only to the showing, but I went in anyway :P With the free booze, I'm surprised there weren't more derros in there *grin* Apart from the cool canvases on display:

("Untitled (Girl in Aqua)" by Steve, you can own it for £1,350.00)
...what really captured my eye were the fashion designs on display by Sai So. The clothes were jaw-droppingly gorgeous, reconstructed from pieces of antique kimono silk:

The prices were high enough to make me queasy, but the quality and style of the clothes was just amazing. Girls were rushing to spend £120 on So Sai cosmetic bags! Man, I need a sugardaddy. Please email me if you wish to apply for the position. There's a beautiful trenchcoat I've got my eye on :P

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