Saturday, June 10, 2006

Westminster Abbey

"Place of Worship, House of Kings" - Uh huh, also known as "Place which charges 10 quid entrance fee". Museums are free here, but Churches certainly aren't. I wanted to visit St Paul's the other day, and balked at their entry fee of 9 quid. For those prices, I'll either:

a) Admire the place from the outside
b) Do it as a touristy thing when someone's visiting me
c) Pretend to be a devout Christian and sit through a service so I don't have to pay the entry fee

Having a look through my pix of Westminster Abbey, and the building now looks "diseased" to me. Very spotty. Speaking of diseases, OMG, I watched the finale for House Season 2! :D Can't wait for it to start again. W00t to torrents!

Here are some pix of Westminster Abbey:

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