Sunday, June 18, 2006

Huzzah Brasil!!!

For the past few days, I've been getting a lot of strange stares/glares/questions whenever I wore this jersey. Typical reactions were:
- "Aren't you Australian?"
- "Are you Brazillian?" (I thought he was asking me if I'd _had_ a Brazillian, so was speechless)
- "Where's your loyalty?"
- "I can't talk to you. I can't believe you're not supporting Australia!"

You know what, all of the above comments just proved to me I was right about Australians - Arrogant, self-absorbed, insular. Especially when it comes to sports. I'm sorry, but it's true.

Here's why I support Brazil (not that many Australians bothered to ask me why. They were just upset I wasn't supporting Australia - see what I mean about being self-absorbed?).

Brazil is the fcking best football team in the WORLD. They're the only team who have qualified for every FIFA World Cup tournament. They've also won it five times. They've given us some of the best football performances over the years. What's not to like about the team? Why wouldn't I want to support them? They've got the greatest players in one team. Have you seen Ronaldinho in a scramble for the ball? Watching him play is just amazing. Of course I want Brazil to win! If anything, it means I get to see more of this guy ;)

It doesn't mean I have no loyalty to Australia. It doesn't mean I'm a traitor. It doesn't mean I don't support Australia in other things. But ffs, the Australian population seriously has "arse-end-of-the-world" syndrome. My theory is, because Australia is geographically soo far away from the rest of the world, and has such a small population comparatively, it needs to talk up its presence and importance to everyone. I give you, the Commonwealth Games - the only time Australia can gloat about winning a gymnastics medal. I couldn't believe Australians made such a big deal about winning medals in a competition which only had approx 92 nations competing. Have a look at the link and see who was competing. Take out the Americans, the Europeans, and the Chinese, who exactly are you left with?

Everything about sport has to be a big deal in Australia. Frankly I'm sick of it. The cricket, the AFL, the rugby league, rah rah rah. This is a country that will back a team accused of gang rape. So why on earth should I support Australia in a sport they're shite at? They're more ass than pizzazz when it comes to football. It's not to say they didn't play a good game against Brazil, I thought they did well holding out against Brazil. I just think Brazil is a kickass team and I like them because they're GOOD at what they do.

Bloody Aussies, take your head out of your arse and pay some respect to what the rest of the world has to offer.

Hrm, if the Australians do keep playing though, I'll be keeping my eye on this guy :)
Sadly, he's already married to a Brit actress... Guess I can't be his footballer wife :(


Anonymous said...

Yeah following a team from the country you are from is stupid if they aren't guaranteed to win. I mean, what's the point? I only ever cheer for the best team.

reenie said...

Wow, talk about misconstrution.

I didn't say I cheered for Brazil because they're guaranteed to win. I said I cheer for Brazil because they put on a good show. There's nothing wrong with cheering for the best team. By your logic, I should only ever cheer for losing teams :P If you're going to cheer for a team, give me a better reason than, "You were born in that country, so you must cheer for them".

I cheered for Kathy Freeman, I cheered for Ian Thorpe. I never said it was stupid to follow a country you're from.

I said it was frustrating that everyone thinks you have to cheer for the country you're from for no better reason. Why refuse to talk to me about football just because I'm cheering for the opposition? *Shrug* Sounds like poor sportsmenship to me. Why be blind to how good other people from other countries are at a sport? Why think nobody outside Australia can be better? Having grown up in Australia, that's the attitude I've always perceived from the population when it comes to sports events.

And if you're going to be sarcastic on my blog, you could at least identify yourself.

reenie said...

Andre, is "misconstrution" a real word? *grin*