Monday, August 14, 2006

Bad service really bothers me

A part of me thinks, "I'm too much of a grumpy old cynic these days, let it go". Another part of me thinks, "You know what? Why should I let it go? People who give crap service shouldn't be in the service industry!!" Why are the most unhelpful and reluctant bastards always the ones in the shop selling? Why are they the ones slamming down your coffees in cafes, and rudely interrupting you mid-conversation demanding you to pay the bill because their shift is over in a few minutes? When were they allowed to tell the customer, "You're wrong," after they made the mistake?

Carphone Warehouse on Baker St is a 5 min walk from my place. Having to deal with the unfriendly bastard there, I refused to buy anything from him in the end. He looked surprised, "You don't want it?!?" (like he had done me a biiiig favour finding me the product, which only moments ago he kept insisting didn't exist in the shop). To which I felt like replying, "No you ass, your service is shit and I refuse to give you my money even if that was the last handsfree kit in this city". So I walked another 10 mins to the shop on Marylebone High St instead. They were a lot friendlier there, and gawd forbid, helpful. Purchase made, a much happier customer I am. I hope that guy in the Baker St shop works on commission :P


Anonymous said...


Good luck tonight in the scary-sounding interview!

Anonymous said...

That's the main reason I started going to Gloria Jean's and Starbucks back in Sydney. If you go to an independent cafe in Sydney there is a chance that you'll get the PMS bitch who resents having to work for $10 an hour. Gloria Jean's and you get a smiling robot and the coffee you ordered.

Having said that, I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to go back to Sydney after Japan. Two nights ago the restaurant manager came out and apologised because he was in the toilet at the time I ordered a beer, and so the new kid had taken the liberty of pouring the beer himself. It came out with less foam than it should have had. He whisked away my "flat" beer and brought out a new fresh one, free of charge. The kid who poured my beer came out and apologised too, naturally.

I told this story to my Japanese friend and he said "yeah, of course."