Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nee-ce is Noi-ce

It's called the Cote d'Azur for a good reason. Nice was warm, sunny and oooh soooo beautiful to look at.

If you're wondering about the rocks, so am I *grin* From what everyone's been telling me, finding a sandy beach in Europe is a rarity. There's just rocks. Lots of them. Who ever heard of bringing cushions to a beach? o_O I was too cheap to fork out for cushions, deck chairs or umbrellas. So I bought a straw mat for EU$2 instead. It wasn't very comfortable, but who cares? I was sunny, warm and working on a tan! :D

What I loved most about Nice, was getting lost in its many alleyways. I spent the evenings discovering a multitude of stalls selling everything from spices, olive oils and french biscuits to fresh oysters, brandies and liquors. Link to the rest of my pix from Marseille and Nice here.

I have a tan! :D


JookBoy said...

These pictures look so good! Looking forward to the Sydney summer.

reenie said...

Unfortunately, Sydney Summer == London Winter :( Definitely not looking forward to that.