Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rainbow snot

I had this conversation with Babsy the other day.

// declare variables
reenie = new Rondoner();
snot = new Mucous();
// blow nose
snot = reenie.nose.blow();

// check colour
IF(snot.colour == "
{ // colour is a lovely yellow
reenie.ailment = "fever"; }

IF(snot.colour == "7fff00")

{ // colour is chartreuse (exotic name for "green")
reenie.ailment = "flu"; }

IF(snot.colour == "000000")

{ // colour is black
reenie.ailment = "living in Rondon"; }

It's really gross, my snot is black most of the time! I'm not quite sure what causes it, but everyone points the finger at the badly ventilated tube system.


Anonymous said...


You crack me up you big GEEK you :D


mushiejc said...

nerdo to the maxo!!! :)

this happened to me once in egypt - pollution really bad snotty goes blakck!