Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dining Solo 101

La Pierre Bise
5 Rue Barillerie, Nice
It's too nice to sit inside, so I opted for the outdoor table. Be prepared to feel totally ostracized. I'm sure nobody cares, but on your own you feel like the entire world is watching you. When your food comes out, expect an audience from the sidewalk. I think the hardest decision is entering a restaurant on your own. The place looks trendy, very hip. It's a place I would frequent in Sydney. However, the place is empty. Eat here, and you're truly on your own. It's not that the food is bad. In fact, the food was *fantastic* - freshest seafood I've eaten since I arrived in Europe. It's just a slow Wednesday night, and all the other tourists are hanging out at the main square. My solution - get drunk enough not to care anymore *grin* 2 strawberry Mojitos and a peach Kir later, I didn't have a care in the world.

Cook your own seafood on a salted hot tile. It was sooo good. B & T, I missed you both.

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