Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pulling power

You know, I've figured out the age range of guys I attract.

Judging by the guys who approach me in clubs, it's 18 year olds. Kindergarten boys who are still attached to their glowsticks. For the record, the only time I've ever bought a glowstick, was when I had to walk from a rave in the middle of nowhere, in pitch black darkness, to a bus stop in a village an hour's walk away.

Judging by the guy who rode past me on his bicycle today, it's 80 year olds. Yes, cute grandpa in tilted red beret and giant sunglasses, took the risk of falling over and breaking his fragile bones to let go of the handle bars and wave at me with a large smile, "HELLOOOOO!"

My thoughts: Hi lecherous grandpa... I'd like to think I'm out of your league, but thanks for the compliment.

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