Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bidet and Bouillabaisse

It's been 6 years since I was last in France, and I'd forgotten how quirky the French are. So when I saw this in my hotel bathroom:

My immediate thoughts were:
- Okay, it's a bit wide, but I can still pee in it.
- Hrm, there's a plug. How does one _poo_ in it?
- OH! It's a BIDET! Okay, so where's the toilet?

So, Marseille. To be fair, I probably didn't give it much of a chance. It's a port town, and the city itself is on the seedy side. It's not a pretty town. I at least tried the bouillabaisse at Le Miramar:

It cost me a bomb! Usually, I don't mind splurging on food, but it has to be good. This was... well, I'm sure it's authentic enough with its six different varieties of fish, but it's just not my thing. There's only soo much fishy soupiness I can take, and the fish doesn't come out till you've finished a whole bowl of just soup first. All I can say is, don't take your restaurant tips from easyJet's inflight magazine :P

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