Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Home again

It's a funny feeling. Since I got back from Sydnery about... 8+ weeks ago (shite!), I've been either working or travelling. Haven't really had the chance to settle back in to routine. So coming back from Ibiza and being unemployed, is... AMAZING *grin* I'm sure this feeling won't last. In fact, I'm sure the feeling declines at the same rate as my savings :P For the moment, I just love the freedom and love just being in Rondon. It's like being a first time tourist again.

So in the past 5 days, I've managed to cram in:
- Checking out the new Whole Foods Market store with T&W - finally, a produce heaven in Rondon;
- Surreal Things at the V&A;
- Trip to Billingsgate fish markets for 2kg of prawns and razor clams;
- Chilli crab at Sus' place *YUMMO*
- Homemade laksa (FINALLY! I had time to crack open the laksa paste tub);
- Portobello markets. I always find myself back at the Coffee Plant people watching...
Mountain of chilli crabs!

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