Saturday, June 16, 2007

"We are ONE"

Pierre, I will never forgive you for not inviting me to Faithless in Sydnery. How could you? Fck me. I'm now more in love with Faithless than the Chemical Brothers. Thank gawd I'm unemployed and was able to make it to the O2 Wireless Festival on Friday. It was a last minute decision, and after some scrounging around, I even managed to score SH a ticket for 20 squids. Pretty good deal considering I paid 40 squids for my own ticket!

I'm quickly finding out I've been missing out on a lot when it comes to live gigs.
I've always been a fan of Faithless, just never seen them live. To be really Engrish, "I'm GUTTED that I didn't see them when they were in Sydnery!" *grin* We made it pretty close to the front of the Main Stage, and it was practically a mosh pit. Loads of fun, and the vibe was great :)

I also saw Kelis bring the boys to the yard with her milkshake :)

After 4 hours of festival goodness, I headed off to meet T&W at Fix for more dancing. Imagine my surprise when J&D were there too! *lol* But I quickly set them straight, and sent them off packing with their cousins to the more RnB friendly, Cafe de Paris. By that stage, I was also well and truly pickled by multiple Smirnoffs and mojitos :P And I still made it to Pacha! Can you believe Pacha is only the third club I've been to in Rondon? Gawd, I poked a guy right in the eyeball on the dancefloor *cringe* At 3am, SH and I left the club (after she had finished beating up the bouncers), had a late night falafel pita with chips, and headed home.

20 hours later, it's time to do it all over again with Daft Punk back at the O2 Wireless Festival :) Only it's raining at the moment :(


pierre said...

you know that I saw them both nights last time they were here... was awesome...

reenie said...

But Pierre, I remember you bought tix to Faithless without asking me :( Think tix were sold out by the time I wanted to get em.

millimilli said...

am jealous you get to see daft punk!

reenie said...

"We're going to celebrate, ONE MORE TIME! Dooo, dooo doooo" :) They were pretty good. Have no idea how they did the act wearing helmets.

But I liked Faithless better :P