Friday, June 08, 2007

Lost in Space...

(Tada - hot stewardesses in tight skimpy outfits!)

It's so silly! I've been clubbing so many times before. I've been to festivals with tens of thousands of people before. I've _never_ ever been lost. Never. Until I got to Space. This place is a maze of areas. I kept entering the same rooms, doing the same rounds and frustratingly finding the same exits or entrances. It's an experience more traumatic than it sounds. Each room was packed. At my height, air is scarce, the view is of elbows, and do you really think Spaniards take a "cutesy" (*gag*) oriental saying, "hola!" seriously? I have no idea why, but the sight of me brought a lot of smiles to faces everywhere I went. And a lot of head patting. I can't comprehend the head patting. Am I really that exotic in Spain? Actually, at one point, I pulled out my good ol' Australiana pasaporte to prove that I wasn't Japonés or Chino :)

While waiting for a friend, I made the mistake of showing off my "prowess" at the language to a random guy standing by the cigarette machine. The next thing I know, the guy is making gestures downstairs at his "pollo", and telling me it's "mucho grande". Amazingly, I bumped into him later on when I was lost, and he was kind enough to pull me through the crowd in the room. And I didn't even have to touch his pollo in return :P
More boobies!

After 10 hours of clubbing, I was tired. Knackered beyond belief. So I headed home at the o'so-late hour of 1am. Only to find 2 out of 3 of my flatmates already crashed out in bed :) The final flatmate arrived home at 11am!


Mike said...


I went to space when I went to Ibiza in 1998 and saw oakenfold there.

I remember the place it was at was a good distance from san antonio (you had to get a bus) but inside it had amazing air conditioning. It was great dancing in cool air

Loved it.

Not so many boobs on display then sadly, that saved for our visit to Manumission...

reenie said...

1998! I think things have changed a fair bit since then, Mike ;) I lived pretty close to Space, so could walk there. Actually, that was really handy, otherwise I would've been totally screwed at the end of the night.

Does this mean your fiancee now has permission to attend Ibiza with me at the end of the month? Fair's fair, you did it. She should at least live a bit more before marrying YOU *grin*

Mike said...


She's unemployed so needs a job ;p I think the wedding that needs saving for means few holidays for a bit ;p

reenie said...

But Mike, I'm unemployed and I'm still partying :)

Maybe if you had bought her a smaller, less sparkly ring, there'd be less need to save for the wedding *lol*