Friday, June 15, 2007

Laying cables

I was walking around, waiting for Niffies today, when I spotted this:

WC1 is Rondon's first female only luxury toilet! Right opposite Selfridges. Since they were having a sale (1 squid entry as opposed to the usual 5 squids!), and I really needed to go anyway, and Niffies was nowhere to be found, I decided to splurge and go in luxury. What was it like?

Meh. You get a giant toilet bowl. A giant sink with motion sensor. Nothing really _worth_ paying for. Where's the luxury? Where's the heated seat? Where's the soft music piping in while I do my business? Or the plasma to keep me entertained with the latest celeb news? So much potential unrealised. There's really nothing that luxurious about a giant bowl. Unless one has a giant ass.

Well, I made the most out of my spent squid and did a #1 AND a #2 :D

1 comment:

niffs said...

Pity I missed this glorious loo, looks fabulous ;)