Thursday, August 21, 2008

Orifice politics

With a little more than 48 hours left to go before I board a plane and contemplate the meaning of my existence in the middle of Blackrock desert, the last game I wanted to play is orifice politics. You know, the game where I bend over and you fck me up the ass so I can move on with my life. Yeah, that game!

I'm tired of bending over. Especially since my back doesn't get scratched. The pain defeats the pleasure.

Fck this shit, I want to be ontop.

Today, email to colleague (who has been with company for a very long time, and who will get his way regardless of anything I say or do), along the lines of:
* I don't understand your hostility;
* I've tried to accommodate you, work with you, stay out of your way;
* I don't know what else to do to prove I'm working with you, not against you;
* You've blocked my work for no reason, and you've made me look incapable of doing my job infront of colleagues;
* If you don't want to work with me, I will resign;
* I don't want to work here if people don't want me here, or if I'm not adding value;
* I'm tired of tiptoe-ing around you;
* I'm sorry but I'm not good at office politics.

I'm flying off. Shove me, I don't care. Deal with it. I've done my job and I'm ahead.

Butt Specialist - Maybe you can explain ;)


Dalibor said...

what kind of office do you work at? and what do you do? and are they hiring more people?

like i said before, forget about "pinky" use the whole fist!!!

Anonymous said...

i say it's called - getting a chopstick and stab them in the eye! It will be better for the world.


Secretary said... it possible that our PM can materialise half way around the world...Either that or there are a lot of a$$holes in the work place...No wonder the hole in the Ozone layer is getting bigger. ;-)