Monday, August 11, 2008

Nature One (Part ein)

After 4.5 days of R&R in Croatia, I was back in the "real world". Not that my brain was functioning very well. It took me awhile to remember some things at work :P So I tried to do more damage to my brain by partying for 3 days straight *grin*

First came Basement Jaxx with Milli-san on a Thursday night. I think I slept around 2:30am. Then on Friday, I got into the office at 7:30am and left at 2pm to meet B at Liverpool Street. We were off to Hahn for Nature One!! Wooohoooo!!

On a side note, there is something very wrong with Crapair's seats. _Everytime_ I fly with them, I get off the plane with my back aching :( I think the seat actually curves outwards, pushing your spine in a really awkward way.

We arrived at the campsite around 8:30pm, found a spot and pitched tent. I'm glad it wasn't raining, I'm glad we still had plenty of daylight, and I'm glad we practised tent pitching beforehand *grin* We picked a spot directly under a massive pole with a heavy-duty spotlight marked "F12", so we'd know how to find it in the mix of hundreds of other tents that were pitched there too. It was AMAZING. At first we thought the music we were hearing came from the festival, but no - the music was pumping out of people's tents!! Some tents were totally awesome, huge enough for people to stand in with proper sleeping areas. Some people had marquees setup. Plenty of Germans bbqing weiners over small campfires. It was just really cool to be amidst all of it :)

Isn't our tent lovely? :D

We were soo happy sitting in our tent people-watching, eating nuts and drinking duty-free vodka, we even contemplated missing the Friday night festivities! *lol*

However, we were here to see TIESTO! So off we went to the festival ground to check out how the Germans partied.

The setup is quite different from anything I've been to before. The main tent is smack bang in the middle and at the bottom of several hills. On top of each hill is another tent! Mostly pumping out extremely hardcore German house music. We went inside one, and I felt like I was in a running club because of the way people were dancing :P Unfortunately, because the hills were fairly close to each other, the doof doof music started to clash against each other. The idea was pretty cool though. Those hills are pretty steep, so before we got ourselves more drunk, B and I decided to hike up the hill for an overview of the area :) Here's a pic of the main tent from the top of a hill.

Lasers, yay!

Ferry Corsten was very very MEH. He didn't even play his signature Digital Punk :( I was disappointed by how bland his music was that night.

Tiesto was really really REALLY GOOD :D I had forgotten how awesome he was :) It's been two years since I had seen him live. I'd love to see him again.

At 5am, after about half an hour of Dubfire from Deep Dish, we decided to hit the tent. Pitching under that massive spotlight was a brilliant idea *grin* I was a very very tired and happy oriental :) Sleeping on the ground took a bit of getting use to with all the lumps. At least I have a knack for sleeping anywhere though. Poor B couldn't sleep. Mainly cause of the doof doof music that was pumping out from nearby tents *grin*

I had so much fun camping out at Nature One :) My only distressing moment, was facing the portaloos the next morning *shudder* I won't go into how gross it was *shudder*....

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