Friday, August 15, 2008

I was worried

A Chuck Palahniuk reading? I had bought 2 tickets on the assumption my date would say, "yes". Usually, I would've gone on my own because these days, I get a variation of one of the following responses from people:
- "Chuck Pala-who? Sorry, don't know him."
- "Tuesday?!? Are you kidding? That's a school night."
- "Tired/Working..."

All fair enough reasons. Everyone has their own lives, and time is precious enough not for me to intrude on. But come on! It's Chuck Palahniuk! Author of "Fight Club"! I still remember taking a day off work to watch it with Cassie! That Chuck Pala-who! So I took a chance and asked Frisbee Date to come with me. I'm glad I did :) I think it's the only date we've been on that I've organised so far *grin* So yeah, I was worried about putting a good date on!

Ok, to sweeten the deal, I did throw in a Hache burger for dinner. Which was a little soggy by the time I delivered it, because it absolutely PISSED DOWN on me while I was on my way to the venue :( Coincidentally, I errr, was also wearing a white top with no bra on.
Oops... At least that would make any guy happy on a date :P Fear not, I had a cardi to wear over it :) I'm not that much of a floozy :P

Chuck Palahniuk started the reading by having a blow-up doll blowing up contest with the audience. That's pretty unique :) Contestants got to keep the personally autographed blow-up doll. I would've made more effort to get a doll if Frisbee Date wasn't with me *grin* Chuck did a reading of Loser (clicky here for parts 1 & 2 on youtube), and he's got a story-teller's voice. To be honest, I've read quite a few of Chuck Palahniuk's books, and none of them are that memorable. However, to see him live, he's very engaging. I came out of that reading wanting to read more of his books! He's filled with anecdotes and I think that's part of what makes him so interesting. He kept my attention for that hour. Very impressive these days because I have such a short attention span. So if you get a chance, go see him.

Yes, things with Frisbee Date going well. Until he reads this post ;)

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