Sunday, August 17, 2008

Up to my eyeballs


Recently I had my eyes tested. Needed contacts, and you can't buy them without a prescription in the UK. Except, things are always a little bit more complicated in the UK. It took a *full hour* to get my eyeballs tested. Here are the results.
Left eyeball:

Right eyeball:

The really bright spot in the back, that's the optical nerve. The dark patch infront, that's my retina. I think.

Verdict: Healthy eyeballs :)

It took about 5 go's at taking these pictures. Mainly because my eyes aren't big enough, and I kept squinting :P And apparently, I have long lashes! Which is a bit of a surprise to me, cause I can't see any lashes when I look in the mirror.


Dalibor said...

Healthy eyeballs?!? Hrm .... You can't even see a german weener from 30m ....

reenie said...

Maybe German weiners are too small ;)

Anonymous said...

its the macular luteum or something, the other non bright blob... :) bei

reenie said...

Very good!! Macula lutea :)

Anonymous said...

reenie try

they are cheap, reliable and good for ordering contacts!