Sunday, August 17, 2008


Recently, I got in a cab and as expected, got into a D&M with the cabbie. The cabbie's Muslim. Having grown up in a Muslim country, I kinda know which buttons to push *grin*

"You've _never_ had bacon? Do you know how good it tastes?!?"

"Why do women have to cover up their bodies? What do you mean it's harder for men to resist? If I see a good male body, especially a nice butt, I'm definitely attracted to it. I have thoughts about male bodies too. All the time."

The thing that got me, was how the cabbie told he had met the One, and how he knew when he met his wife, he was going to marry her. Straight away. It's love, you just know. He has 4 kids with this woman. He then mentioned his father had 15 kids by 3 different wives. I asked him what he thought, and he told me he was now interested in looking for a SECOND wife (O_o)

Me: "What do you tell your wife?"
Cabbie: "I tell her that I love her."
Me: "What will you tell your second wife?"
Cabbie: "I will tell her that I love her."

Nobody's love is that expansive that it has to be distributed to more than one person :P

Me: "Have you told your wife you're looking for a second one?"
Cabbie: "No, I'll wait till I've found someone."
Me: "Tell me, why is it ok for men to have more than one wife, and not ok for women to have more than one husband?"
Cabbie: "You know, these days, there are a lot of gay men. There is not enough men for women."

You're fcking shitting me, right?

Me: "There are a lot of gay women too!"
Cabbie: "No. Not as many."

At this stage, we had arrived at my destination. So I got his mobile number. I messaged AQA and asked, "How many gay women in London?" This was the answer that I received and forwarded to him, "London has an urban population of 8.5 million; approximately 7% of the population, or 595,000 ladies in total, are thought to be lesbian."

Needless to say, I never heard back ;) Give me a religion backed by logic and I'll follow it. Fatefully :P

The one question the cabbie didn't answer, and I actually repeated myself was, "What do you think of the Jihad against the US?"

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