Thursday, August 21, 2008

The American Dream

It's the theme :) I'm not American, but I do have a dream. I never understood why males always treated the world as their public urinal.
You know what this is?

It's KP peeing at a sacred site in Bolivia 7 years ago :)

Heck, I want to treat the world as my public urinal too.
To help me with my mission, looky what Milli-san got me ;)


I don't actually know if human males pee with one leg up, but it's what male dogs do, and I'm willing to try it out.

Milli-san, I'm still too conscientious of my household to try it out :| Your report will come soon :)


Dalibor said...

you are natural at this (leg-lift is a bit wrong tho you have to have both feet on the ground) ...

good contraption! now you can do it in the sink like me!!!

anyways, i'm expecting a video : )

i don't think public urination is a guy thing ... one night i saw 3 girls (although very drunk) at it in the middle of york street

Anonymous said...

reenie, that just looks wrong!! :P have fun in the desert, take lots of cool pics!

x ystar

Kev said...

That's the thinnest penis I've ever seen.

mushiejc said...

she-pee!!! i always wondered how those things work!!!

reenie said...

Firstly, HEY, no knocking the size of my p3nis!! It's thin but it works - tried and tested, and just a little bit weird ;)