Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hvar (Part ii)

What did I love most about Croatia? Daliborus of course ;)

Misses my boozy floozy :( See you in Greece next year!

Here are some of my fave pix:

Rocks just aren't the same as saaand:

Happy me :)

*Ahem* Also, things I learnt about on this trip:
"Eiffel tower"
"What to do with soap when constipated"
"Germans love buttplay"

1 comment:

Dalibor said...

i love you too sweetie! you are soooooo cute! yaaay we're going to greece (btw. greeks are into buttplay too)!

i like this: "I went on a holiday with two guys and learnt about 'eiffel tower' and 'pig on a spit'!" .... hrm ... people may get wrong idea here : )

i enjoyed every single moment of our holiday ... i can't wait to see you again!