Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bad habit

Drinking (3 champers + 1 beeru) makes me buy things online :( Latest order:

Other impulse buys from GAMA-GO:

(This is my absolute fave hoodie of all time)

To all you Sydneriers out there freezing in your 20 degree "Winter", consider buying a hoodie from here ;)


mushiejc said...

those poor old grannies better watch out for the new "hoodie" in town!

Sarah said...

You are in Rondon luvvie. You need hoodies WITH sleeves! x

Wicky said...

It all looks good, but are these hoodies really able to protect me against the fierce Sydney winter?

reenie said...

S - It's Summer in Rondon, I should be able to get away with short sleeves *fingers crossed*

Wicky - What's good enough for Rondon, is more than good enough for Sydnery :)