Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dinner conversation

I kind of wonder, as we get older, does our acceptable "dateable" age range increase? Wazzz has always stated the rule of thumb of "half your age, plus 7 years" for a male. Which is just under paedophilic, yet very workable. At the age of 28, Wazzz should be dating someone who's 21!!! Sorry TO ;) Hehehe... But I think Wazzz would be crazy to give up TO for a 21 year old. In fact, Wazzz, I'd disown you as a friend if you chose a 21 year old over TO! :P

From the other perspective, my age minus 7 years, doubled is equal to 42!!!! Is that really fair? :P

Do you know how hard it is to do algebra after 2 beers and lots of wine? :P Fck, took me awhile...

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Anonymous said...

omg, you are starting to use the /2 +7 calculations. I have to be honest though, there are some rules added throughout the years that you forgot to mention!

The rule as it is in use nowadays is:

a girl needs to be aged in the following age bracket:
[max(/2 +7,18),min(/2 +2,21)].

Just wanted to let you know.

It doesn't apply to married men and couples though.