Saturday, July 28, 2007

Girly Saturday!

Hrm, now that I think about it, I don't really have that many male friends in Rondon... If you're male, good looking and would like to apply to be my friend, feel free to email me :P Oh alright, I'll be less superficial and accept applications from those with a great personality too *lol*

I managed to convince Babsy and Niffies to come for brekky with me this weekend at La Fromagerie. I'm now addicted to their soft boiled eggs. Which is just shocking considering I use to hate them with a passion. For gawd-knows-how-many years, my Mother use to cook soft boiled eggs for me when I was growing up in Malaysia. Every morning at 6am, I was plonked at the dining table with a steamy gooey yellow mess infront of me. Every morning, I'd steadfastly refuse to eat it. At 7am, my Mother would eventually yell at me to eat the cold slime and get ready for school, or get my butt smacked. South-east Asian kids didn't get cereal for brekky :P

So when I grew up, I never ate it again. And I blamed my Mother for my bad habit of skipping breakfast :P Imagine my Mother's glee when I told her last weekend I was going out to eat a soft boiled egg! She knew I could never blame her for my bad eating habits again.

So stuffed with an egg, bread and 2 latte macchiatos, I headed out from La Fromagerie to meet Trini and Sus at Borough Markets. It's been way too long since my last visit. It's still my favourite markets. I wasn't hungry until I sat down with the girls and started smelling the food coming out of
Brindisa's kitchen! Mygawd, I haven't had tapas like this since... err, Barcelona 3 years ago? As dish after dish came out, Trini, Sus and I kept reshuffling food to fit everything onto our tiny table. I've also discovered, Sus is a cheaper drunk than me *big grin*

Stuffed beyond belief, I still couldn't help myself and I bought some picante chorizo to take home from Brindisa's shop in the markets. Thanks Sus for the yummiest lunch I've had in a really really long time :) Let me know next time you have a craving for Brindisa! My treat :)

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