Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Feeling bad

I love my Aunty Laura. So I thought it would be exciting to take her to East Beach Cafe which I had read about here.

We drove for two hours to get to Littlehampton. Then waited 40 minutes in line to get in.

It really wasn't worth it.

Which is why I feel really bad for dragging my Aunt to that place last Sunday *HRRMPH* Aunt Laura and I were just incredulous at how inefficiently this place operated. We got there to a massive line. I had to hunt down the hostess to put our names down, whilst my Aunt stood at the end of the line. There were people infront of us who didn't even realise they had to put their name down. It looked like it was about to rain, and there was no cover we could stand under. We were instructed not to wander too far off, incase we were called. If we weren't around when called, we would miss out on our table. Yet, the hostess didn't want to take my mobile number and call me when my table was available. There were empty tables with no chairs around them inside the restaurant. I don't understand how this place can claim to fit 45 people when it looked like only 20 fit inside. Where the hell was the so called seating for 80 outdoors? Full of crap.

When we finally got in, two waiters couldn't explain to us what the fish special was. The first, a ditzy blonde, said she'd find out, but never came back. The second, was confused between the fish special and the daily fish for the fish and chips. Finally, we flagged down the hostess to explain the menu to us.

The mussels I ordered for entree were good. But, my cutlery arrived after my entree, and I had already started eating by using the shell-pinching technique. Then halfway through my entree, the bread arrives and the bucket for shells. Geezus. What's the point?

My Aunt's fish came out undercooked. Both our fish meals were too oily. We didn't stay for dessert.

I just don't get how someone can spend gawd-knows-how-much on getting a designer building built, and then not foreseeing the need for table space. It's a restaurant. Come on!!!

East Beach Cafe - Way overrated. Not worth the drive from Rondon.

I did find it hilarious that Brits think this is a beach though :)

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