Wednesday, July 11, 2007

That's NOT a good look

*Sigh* When unemployed, I spend a lot of time drinking coffee in cafes. If you ask me what the most hideous sight I've ever come across in a cafe is, I'd tell you, it's pasty white butt crack. Flashed by low riding jeans on a cafe chair or stool. There's always butt crack. I'm not sure what's worse, plain butt crack, or butt crack with flossing *groan*
Either way, it's still hideous.

(10 points if you can pick this trendy Rondon cafe :) )

It looked _much_ worse in real life. Lucky for you, I have a shtty phone camera and you don't have to view it in high res. Faces have been blurred to prevent me from being beat up by the Butt Crack Kween's bf if he ever finds out about my blog :P Let's take a closer look:

*Uggh* Lady, that G doesn't even look like it fits your butt. To be honest, it looked like she'd been severely wedgied. The material was definitely digging in there *shudder* Do I need to show you butt crack on my blog? No. However, the point is, do I need to routinely see butt crack in my daily life? Especially when I'm trying to enjoy my coffee? NO. Yet the voyeur in me just can't look away. I'm fascinated by the hideousness of it all. Serious car crash material.

Why do women do it? How can they resist pulling their undies out of the crack?

On the flip side of the coin, I keep getting requests from someone on Flickr to add the shot of KY licking butt crack to the Random Butt Crack group. It's disturbing that this guy is soo insistent on getting my photo into that group. It really is.

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