Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just one more...

... post about Amsterdam! Tying up loose ends :P

I spent about 3 days in Amsterdam this time round. C and I decided to follow some tips from the Wallpaper* City Guide for A'dam. I have to admit, it's a pretty good guide! Having been to A'dam a gazillion times now, I didn't think there was much left for me to see. The Wallpaper* guide has a "Best of the city in 24 hours" section, and we managed to go through all of it:
- Irish brekky at Barney's: Errr, can't really say I recommend this. It's just bacon and eggs. I think Barney's has more of a reputation as a "coffee shop".
- Stedelijk Museum: Contemporary art, not my thing but it may be your's.
- Appeltaart at Cafe 11: The place has a great view of the city, and turns into a club at night. Apparently a pretty good one.
- Amstelkring Museum: This is pretty dang different. It's a secret chapel built upstairs in a home!
- Amsterdam Historical Museum: More than you'll ever want to know about Amsterdam :)
- Van Gogh Musuem: My third time there, and I still love it. Make sure you do the audio tour if you go!
The Almond Blossom (pictured right) is still my fave painting by Van Gogh:

Other places we went to from the guide:
- Droog: Really cool design store, definitely worth checking out. It's one of those places that stocks things I read about in blogs :P
- Envy: *Phwoar* This place is owned by the same people who started Supperclub. For EU$50, we stuffed ourselves silly with the Chef's Choice menu - 3 kinds of deli meats (YUMMO), 4 cold dishes, 4 warm dishes, 3 kinds of cheeses and 4 mini desserts. Gaaawd, I was in heaven with the asparagus and truffle soup. Definitely value for money. What I loved most about the restaurant, was how the produce was displayed in fridges along the wall. Everything looked fresh and delish, and apparently a lot of it is flown in from Italy:

- Brasserie Harkema: Another great place to eat in A'dam. C and I checked it out our first night there, then took the others back here a couple of days later. Mussel soup, entrecote steak, roast duck, panna cotta (the best I've had in awhile), everything yummy! And of course, I also made everyone eat bitterballen here :) U&W - you taught me well!
You won't die if you eat it, AdF ;)

The best tip I can give for A'dam, is always make the Tourist Info Centre across the street from Centraal Station your first stop. For EU$2, you can get a city map from a vending machine! Which is important when your sense of direction is as crap as mine :P

Lastly, when in A'dam, don't forget to visit Vlaams Fritehuis on Voetboogstraat 33. Crunchiest hot chips ever! I think we ate a cone of it with Belgian Mayo everyday! MMmmm...

See, I don't just go to raves and clubs in the Netherlands :P


Anonymous said...

Ok, you either disappoint me, or either didn't dare to write about it. What happened with visits to red light district and the sex museum. Especially the last one, is one that is 'interesting'.

reenie said...

*Pfft* If I knew who you were, maybe I'd care more about disappointing you :P

The red light district is sooo early 2000s :P