Sunday, July 22, 2007

Why I'm laughing

It's bizarre. One thing I've always noticed about working in IT, is that IT people are always hidden away. Somewhere out of the way. Somewhere with little natural light and tight confining cubicles. I've worked in all sorts of environments. In a separate building to the rest of the organisation. In an industrial zone. In a YELLOW PORTA-WAREHOUSE (angsty memories). So I was kinda shocked to turn up on Monday and to see this from where I sit:

(Can you believe this was the view after a thunder storm?)

Previously, the highest I'd ever been located was level 18 at Darling Park, with a view of Darling Harbour. Even then, it was hot-desking and you were lucky to get a window seat. What's so special about the view above? Guess where I am?

Level 10? No.
15? No.
25? No, higher please :)

It's level 35! I'm so high up, my ears pop when I step out of the elevator. Sneaking past my boss' desk, and peeking through the blinds, I have an unobstructed view of East London. That's the Gherkin in the distance! And the sexy curve of the Thames River to the left! Wowsers.

What's so funny? I'm the only IT person on this side of the building *lol* Regular nerds don't sit here. This is the HR level :) I'm guessing the nerds are hidden away in the basement :P Nyuk nyuk nyuk...


Niall said...

Cool view! I used to stare back at the building you're in from my window on Bishopsgate. Don't know if I can see the building in that photo but it did have a good view down to Canary Wharf.

Congrats on the new job!

reenie said...

Bwah ha ha, now I can stare down at others! Filthy puny human slaves! *insert maniacal Zim laughter*

Knowing my luck though, I'm going to lose the view and end up hidden with other IT people after this week *sigh*