Friday, October 26, 2007

HR vs IT

This week, I'm trying to take back my social life. I'm trying to start by socialising with work people after work hours. Wednesday night, I'm out with the HR team. It. Is. Different.

I've never felt like an underachiever before *grin*
A lot of things come into play. A couple of them are a bit younger than me, and have multiple degrees. One is studying for her doctorate. There are a few extremely strong personalities, and there are definitely a few who take things way too seriously. It's hard to have light hearted bantering going on when people don't get the joke. Questions asked to me that night:
"What is your five year plan?" (it's almost a running joke with me and the HR team)
"What are you looking for in a guy?"
"If you don't have a five year plan, do you have a five point plan?"
"What about an 18 month plan?"

It's a little harder for me. These people know what they want and where they want to be. They're in HR! It's their job to organise other people's careers, so they should be good at organising their own.

How do you explain to those people that you like the freedom not to decide?

Project Manager to me: "Lightweight Liew, when are you going to face reality and make some decisions?"

Thursday night, I'm out with the boys from the IT team. This was when I truly felt ok to just... Be. Fck talking about life plans. Let's talk about girls in short skirts. Let's bond over burgers and beer and shots. Let's bitch about office politics. Let's talk about what gigs are on this weekend. Let's just scull beer. Yup. I sculled my Negro Modelo. I even earnt some admiring glances from the table nearby. Mate, I'm Aussie, mate! By the end of the night, I couldn't stand straight. I was hanging on to the bag strap of a developer for dear life. But you know, that's what I call a decent night out without a care in the world.

And I didn't throw up *beam*

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