Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Faith in Mankind

... Restored!

8:05am. These days, the mornings are a little colder, I'm a little lazier, I'm up a little later. It also means I have to walk to Baker Street to beat the peak hour crush at Marylebone. Sennies plugged in tight, Tiesto's Clublife (JT: "She's got me lovestoned...") blaring in my own personal headspace, double espresso in hand, I head off. Running down the escalators, hopping onto the tube that's awaiting...

SLAM! Doors shut behind me. My music's so loud, I don't hear the warning beeps and I narrowly made it into the carriage.

Hang on...


I'm stuck. My massive white handbag trapped between the jaws of the tube door. In embarrassment, I start tugging hard, trying not to spill my espresso and trying hard not to look like an idiot. Fellow commuters take pity on me, two of them start yanking on my handbag with me. A third commuter on the outside starts prying the doors open. Eventually my handbag slides through the gap. I land on my knees, a drop of espresso falls on my camel jacket. All good! :)

"THANKS!" *big grin* (I still have my earphones plugged in)

Help from strangers on the tube. That's something new to me :)

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niffs said...

I had some help from a lovely guy the other day when my ipod earphone lead somehow looped around this other guy's jacket button, who was starting to leave the tube and dragging me with him.