Friday, October 05, 2007

Splashing out

I've been surviving on premium apple muffins lately. So I was really looking forward to NOBU :) Verdict?

Urm... Majority of the dishes seemed too salty to me. And I usually take a lot of soy sauce in my diet. Sorry, it's probably not what you want to hear. Don't worry, I still ate everything on my plate ;)
Amuse bouche:

The signature miso black cod was great, but it left me hankering for Yoshii's delicate cedar smoked rudder fish.
Miso black cod:

Quality seafood produce. However, it's 70 squids for the omakase. I wouldn't expect anything less than quality. I'm looking at the pics though and still thinking, "Salty". It'd be interesting to try the 90 squids omakase to see the difference. Apparently, it's meant to be more traditional in preparation. However, for somewhere that's rated so highly for Japanese, I have to say I've had better. I wonder if this is what happens when renown chefs branch out and open so many restaurants globally.

Me: "As a souvenir, can you get the chefs to sign the sake menu for me please?"
(Waiter goes away for awhile)
Waiter: "Do you want the Nobu signature, or the chef's signature?"
Me: "Is Nobu here?"
Waiter: "No" (big smile)
Me: *lol* "Then not Nobu's. Please tell the chefs who prepared my meal I really enjoyed it and I would like their signature."

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Anonymous said...

Yea agreed - nothing to rave about! - We went for S's bday when in rondon. Lots of whiny americans around, though the wagyu was yummy :P ystar