Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Awkward moment

It's close to midnight, I'm in a mini-cab on the way home from work. The driver is talkative. Name one cab driver in this world who isn't. The conversation veers. From work, to movies, to the inevitable - relationships.

The awkward moment arrives when the middle-aged married father-of-one cabbie divulges, "I have an oriental gf. She's in her 20's! I like oriental girls. She treats me well".

My eyeballs somersault. It always creeps me out when cab drivers say the words, "I like oriental girls". You'd be surprised how many times I've heard it. Hell, those words don't have to come from a cabbie. Any guy who says those words creeps me out. It's normally followed by a creepy knowing look. In the dark hidey corner of the cab, I scrunch down lower and pray the next words aren't...

"Do you have a bf?"

...It's soon followed by the routine questions. And the routine exclamations of surprise. "Single? YOU? Why isn't a nice girl like you dating a nice boy? It's ok if you want to play. You're still young. What? You're close to 30? You don't look it!"

As he drops me off, the "once I dated 4 girls at the same time" cabbie cautions me with these wise words: "You only live once! And don't trust any guy!"


Anonymous said...

why are you catching mini-cabs in london!!! i never got in one unless there was one other person, and usually a guy!! The drivers are freaky types - when I was there, they had issues with psychotic drivers who would rob and rape gals! be careful reenie x

reenie said...

Hunny, I can't afford black cabs all the time ;) Mini-cabs are fine as long as you get them from a registered office.