Monday, October 22, 2007

Movie time!

About a year ago, I watched City of God. It still remains one of my all time must-watch movies. This movie made me squirm. The thing that got to me was the imagery of kids with guns. Tonight, I had the chance to watch the sequel, City of Men, as part of the BFI London Film Fest! The director Paolo Morelli stuck around to answer questions after the film. However, I left when the presenter started asking questions like, "Tell us about the themes of friendship in your movies". Wtf. What is this, highschool? That's like pointing at a painting and saying, "Tell us about the use of red here". I'm more a "What inspired you to make this movie? Who are these people that have this story to tell?" type of person. So, I didn't stay around for the Q&A.

Next on my list is Exte! Unfortunately, I managed to quadruple book my upcoming weekend :( I have tickets to see Kubrick's Clockwork Orange, Rodriguez's Planet Terror, Patrick Stewart in Macbeth (*squeal*! Captain Picard!), and I forgot our house is having a party >_< Therefore, if anyone wants tickets to Clockwork Orange (I'm gutted :( ) or Planet Terror in Rondon for this Saturday, let me know :P

Also on my list is FrightFest! I can't wait! George A Romero, the Father of Zombie movies, will be making an apperance :D I'll have a chance to watch at least 3 of the movies scheduled before making my way to the airport for a weekend in Cologne *grin* AAAH... Can't wait!

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