Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shooting the breeze with Iz

I love talking to Iz. She'll fill my head with ideas on how men should treat women. Iz is a woman who has to create phantom boyfriends to keep the boys she doesn't want away. Iz's thinking is that a man should always be "hot for the girl". The guy should always call the girl. If the guy doesn't call within 48 hours, then he's playing games, and who's got time for that sht these days? If the guy wants to be with a girl, he'll make it happen. Straight from the start, the guy has to treat the girl like a queen. Suits me :)

Then again, Iz has the attitude and the looks for it, I... don't *grin* It's funny, Iz talks about how a man should always see a girl safely home. Even if he had to take the bus for 2 hours in the wrong direction. No offense to my ex, but he never once bothered to meet me at the train station to walk me through the dodgy park to his place. Or I was always the one spending money on cab fares to his place. Iz would've set fire to my ex :P

I'd kinda like to think that it's possible to meet a guy who'd go out of his way to do things right by me... But these days, it's hard enough to meet a guy who can do something as simple as show up on time :P


Anonymous said...

Is it right to guess that Iz is still single? :P

there's something smelly here - i.e. I will only be in to you if you're in to me more, love me more..me me me - selfishness breeds selfishness...

i think it's important to show you care about someone - but not have the expectation someone has to go out of their way just for you, and just because they do, it somehow proves that they love you this much more. Because the other side's going to start asking, hey - well what are you doing for me? and on it goes...

it's only a winner if you can give and not expect something back - now that's pure and unconditional

i wouldn't be counting on the looks either - they fade after awhile :P (thank god for good young looking asian gene though he he he)


reenie said...

*grin* Yes, Iz is single, but she is seeing people.

It's funny, I didn't think many girls thought like Iz. Tonight, I was chatting to another girl, M, who's got even more attitude than Iz.

M: "I'll give 100% to the relationship, but my partner has to give 150%"

M made her partner wait 2 hours on their first date.

In my mind, I was thinking, "what a bitch". However, there's a twisted logic to it. Be upfront about what you want. If a guy waits 2 hours for you on a _first_ date, then he's showing that he will do anything to be with you. If you let him know you don't take any crap, then he's not likely to give you any. It's setting the right expectations from the start.

Think about how many times you've given in on something in a relationship. Let them "get away with it". Where, has it gotten the girl in the long run?

Not my style, but it definitely works for some. It's the treat them mean, keep them keen theory.

Anonymous said...

there's something not right if the guy is willing to wait for 2 hrs!!! some may take it as - he's really into me, but i just see that as obsessive infatuation! and that's just really mean, why would you do that to someone!!

yup - i've definitely given in way too much in the past, and for now I know those relationships were definitely not right.

it sure works in a distorted way if it does work! anything that involves meaness to be with someone is not my cup of tea either.

but then again - have not had that much great luck with my niceness so far :P it's all good!


Anonymous said...

wow, the 2 hours guy ... what a muppet

if i made someone wait two hours and they were still there, i'd probably lose any respect i had for them in the first place (assuming i had no good excuse for my tardiness ... but then i always do :)

so i reckon: if you want unconditional love and adoration, sans self respect, go buy yourself a little dog! because that's a pet you're looking for, not a partner

oh, and another personal opinion: pleasepleaseplease try to stick to 'nice' ... i've been hot and cold on being 'nice' over the years ... but right now i'm thinking it pays off in the end ... so stick with it!