Sunday, October 21, 2007

Land of the Giants

On my trip home from Amsterdam, I was contemplating a theory. I wonder if there's a correlation between megalomania and height. Because, I can seriously understand why there would be a lot of shtty short people who would want to conquer the world just to get their own way. Me being one of them of course :P I'd make all the tall people stand at the back :P

The theory was blown when I came home and did a Google search for Chairman Mao's height. He was 1.83m.

It's really difficult for me to go clubbing these days. I value personal space so very much. A Paul van Dyk gig is the last place on earth with personal space. Not only that, this time I was picked on by tall Dutch people before I even got into the club! I fell for the old "tap on the shoulder and pretend it wasn't me" trick... Ah well.

The other thing I hate in universal club culture, are the girls who are obnoxiously obnoxious about their prettiness. The ones that stomp on you with their heels, and flick their disgustingly germy long hair in your face. Those ones. The nasty part of me just wants to grab a handful of hair and rip it out.

The nice part of me just grumbles and puts up with it to prevent deportation charges. U&W, you need to teach me some Dutch swear words! "Bitterballen" just isn't going to cut it.

Anyway, 11:30pm, post Groove Armada, it was time to head off to see PvD at Powerzone. This has to be the nicest pic I've ever taken of PvD :)

There's also one more thing I'd like to mention about Dutch clubbing. What the hell is with the token system these days? Everywhere you go, it's exchange money for tokens to buy drinks. There's always a massive line to buy tokens. There's also that nasty thing they do where they give you the bottle without a cap, forcing you to buy a new bottle everytime you want a drink. Gawd, it's illegal not to give water for free in Australia.

Unfortunately, I was too tired to wake up at 1am to see PvD play at KoKo in Rondon the next night :(


niffs said...


Koko was a nice venue but what was not great was:
1) queueing for nearly 1.5 hrs in the freezing cold even tho everyone had tickets to a sold out show
2) stupid management of a big event
3) doorbitches with attitude
4) TWO (yes count em) toilets in the Ladies. I have no idea how many others there were in the building but it's not on for that kind of crowd
5) exxy drinks, 5 quid for 2 small water bottles - pbhbbbt

PvD = only man I'd wait that long for in the cold :P Awesome!

reenie said...

Well, if we're doing stats:
Number of times I got burnt by fcking wasters dancing with cigarettes - 3!