Monday, November 05, 2007

Acid test

If you ask me, one of the hardest things in a relationship is introducing your partner to your mates. They're the ones who wouldn't think twice about being brutally honest when you ask, "So what do you think?". My parents would never say anything to upset me. I always get the usual, "Whatever makes you happy dear," line from my Mum. (Well actually, these days it's more, "You're getting closer to 30 dear," line from my Mum ;) ) Mates on the other hand, are the harshest critics.

I will admit, when I heard my mate had jumped on a plane to be with a girl half a world away, I was worried. Who was this girl? Who would jump on a plane for someone they hardly knew? Was this just a ridiculously romantic gesture to impress a hot chick? So I jumped on a plane last weekend too :P And met up with the new couple in Cologne.

I was... pleasantly surprised :)
They get along so well together, you'd be forgiven for thinking they've been friends for years. She's lovely and not at all psychotic (my #1 concern). I know some of the girls my mate has fancied in the past, and none of them seemed quite right as a match. This one's different. This girl, is someone my mate can respect as an equal. Never saw that before in any of the other girls my mate's liked in the past.

I think back to the conversation I had with my mate in our D&M moment.
Me: "Make sure you're not doing this just for a girl."
Mate: "She's not just _a_ girl.
I think maybe she's THE girl."

I think back to what Wicky said at his wedding speech, "You have to strike while the iron's hot, or you'll never know and you'll regret it".

I think back to all the times I questioned those people who told me, "When it's right, you just know".

I think my mate did the right thing by jumping on that plane :)

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