Monday, November 05, 2007


It was an honour that I personally got a chance to speak to George A Romero. If only I hadn't downed 4 beers beforehand *lol* I _actually_ missed Romero's screening of Diary of the Dead!

So there I was waiting in the foyer for the movie to finish, when Mr Romero comes out for the Q&A session! I stalk him into the theater and shuffle to stand next to him.
Mr Romero's back:

Me: "Mr Romero? Can I just say, I love your work. Thank you so much... Dawn of the Dead... (I lose my train of thought)... Oh! (I actually placed a dramatic hand over my heart. *That's* how drunk I was)"
GAR: "Thank you."

I shuffle away with a silly grin on my face. Alcohol. It's an incredible confidence booster :P Later on, I snag me some zombies. These guys spent an hour getting made up, turned up late and missed the movie too!

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