Thursday, November 22, 2007


In the land of consumerville, I'm torn between what to buy.
The girly girl in me goes, "Get yourself a nice clutch!"
The nerd in me goes, "*Gasp* 1TB hdd!"

Is there a compromise? Well, in 6 days, I've bought:
  • A top from Armani Exchange
  • A hoodie from Abercrombie & Fitch
  • An iPhone
  • A singlet top & jumper from Esprit
  • 3 pairs of socks that I didn't really need (but were really cheap!)
  • A haircut and an eyebrow wax
  • A pair of Jessica Simpson heels (*shocking*, I know)
  • Half a copy of Leopard (family version to be shared with KC)
  • A 500GB external hdd!
Everything seems unbelievably cheap. I'm not sure if it actually is, or if I'm just buying for the sake of buying. I walk into Armani Exchange to be greeted by Felipe.
Felipe: "Hello, is anyone helping you?"
Me: "No, but that's ok, I can help myself."
Felipe: "Oh, let me take that for you. I'll start a room for you and when you're ready, you just let me know."

"Start a room" for me? Wow. Well, if it's really necessary, I guess I should make the most of it. I'm assuming he's on commission.
Me: "Felipe, I need a smaller size... Felipe, this one has hanger marks on the shoulders, can you get me another?... Felipe, they _all_ have hanger marks. Can you get me one that hasn't been hung up?"

Sometimes, I just like taking the piss *grin*

So, what was I doing in Armani Exchange to begin with? Well, I was on Fifth Avenue, and I was store hopping just for fun :) I didn't really think I'd be buying anything. Until I tried on a really nice red top from AE, "just for fun". And realised, "Hey, the exchange rate means divide the price by 2. HEY, it's only 30 squids for an Armani top!! I could never get an Armani top for 30 squids in Rondon!"

There begins my first taste of American consumerism.

The iPhone is a whole new ballgame. I should've done my research better. Don't really want to get into it here, but I'm really not cool enough to have one. I have too much fear of bricking a very expensive toy. However, with the help of BL and AdF, I've managed to get it to some sort of state. The rest remains to be seen. Thanks BL & AdF :)

What's with the 500GB external hdd? Well, to be realistic, I don't really need one TB. However, I do need to backup my sht before I do an upgrade to Leopard ;) So 500GB is my compromise. It also means no more deleting my fave movies from my laptop! :D

Unfortunately, it also means that until I do my expenses for the month of October, I shouldn't be making anymore extravagant purchases. The gorgeous red Gucci clutch will just have to stay at Saks *sigh*

How on earth am I going to lug home all my crap?


Anonymous said...

hey chixor..

sometimes you just got to spoil yourself for all that working your as* of work you've been doing and how often are you in ny aye!?

I faced the same dilemma over a very exy watch when i was in kl - cost more than my entire trip - but then i kept repeating to myself 30 year investment, and felt i could breathe again :)

am so jealous, have been dribbling over an iphone - made an order for one to be hacked and all to be brought back to oz, but not sure if it's going to make it :(

have fun shopping x


Caz said...

I agree with ystar, spoil yourself with a nice shopping trip, afterall you are in NY. Can't wait to go to NY next Friday too! It sounds like you are really having a ball. See ya when I get back to London.