Saturday, November 24, 2007



I could almost see the giant Pikachu breaking free from the ropes and rampaging through NYC. Stomping on those little screaming kids, "Mommy! It's Pika - *squish*" Pikachu's soo cute :)

Our yummy Butterball turkey (good job Becky!):

The story goes, Butterball turkeys are so-named because they've been injected with butter to make it tender and tasty. I just did some research on Google: "Butterball has become a Thanksgiving staple and is known for its tender and juicy turkeys. In fact, the Butterball name was chosen to characterize a new, special breed of broad-breasted white feather turkeys, not because the turkeys contain butter, as many mistakenly believe."

Hehehe... Next Turkey Day, I might actually try injecting a turkey with butter just for fun :)

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